Doppler ultrasound

Internet-based course

This course explains the role of antenatal surveillance in prevention of perinatal death and handicap, taking into account maternal risk factors and characteristics of the fetal condition.

The course is compulsory for all sonographers wishing to obtain the FMF Certificate of competence in Doppler ultrasound. The course may also be useful for patients wishing to be better informed on the value of antenatal surveillance.

  • The course is free of charge
  • It is available in 9 languages
  • It lasts for about 45 minutes

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Book on Doppler ultrasound

This book, which is free of charge, summarizes the principles and safety of diagnostic ultrasound in fetal scanning, methodology of Doppler assessment of placental and feral circulations, and Doppler findings in fetal abnormalities and pregnancy complications.

Doppler in Obstetrics

List of registrants

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Registration by country

The course was attended by 60610 health care professionals from 196 countries. The most frequent were: 

United Kingdom 1570
India 1415
United States 1198
Brazil 845
Russian Federation 730
Italy 683
Poland 541
Spain 540
Germany 499
Mexico 414
Argentina 409
Turkey 367
Colombia 355
Canada 349
Romania 313
Greece 301
Portugal 257
Chile 248
Egypt 228
Iran 226
Viet Nam 209
Peru 202
Austria 198
Netherlands 198
China 187
Czech Republic 176
Australia 160
Ukraine 146
Denmark 126